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my first ban...

2007-10-17 13:05:13 by LadyX

oh noes, i am currently on my first ban from the bbs. all i did was posting: "grab his cock"...
stamper asked in a post, what he should do about some jerk, and in my opinion, he SHOULD grab his cock.

in the ban message, jade asks me: is this funny to you?

i have to say: yes! i really find that funny.

i accept the ban, though. because i posted a bannable phrase and thus i violated the rules.

my first ban...


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2007-10-18 08:38:01

lately i have been on a ban free streak :D

LadyX responds:

i surely hope that this was my last ban for a long time -.-


2007-10-18 11:24:14

some times Rulez arent always right,... I dont agree with NGs on this one...

If we ALL stuck to the rulez, there would be EVEN MORE corruption in this world!

*sigh* poor you... o well 48 hours aint that long heh!

LadyX responds:

rules aren't always right, i agree with you on that. but since there isn't anything i can do about that... ;)


2007-10-20 05:47:16

Ah I've had 3, all because I posted in spam threads, but that was in my spammy past. Well by my calculations you should be back off your ban today, so welcome back :D

LadyX responds:

thanks! :)


2007-10-21 10:19:23

Females should be able to grab cocks without getting a ban ;)

LadyX responds:


: adding more stuff, because my response is too short...


2007-10-31 03:21:26

Aren't you hardcore then?

LadyX responds:

don't know


2007-10-31 12:47:24

it's a mandatory ban for users who just spit that out :(

LadyX responds:

but he really should have grabbed it...


2007-11-09 11:02:51

It's twice as funny beacuse you're female! No, seriously, it's just funny. Check out my Ban Blog!

LadyX responds:

granny porn, heh... :P


2007-11-16 07:02:20

Your reviews are shite.

LadyX responds:

not that yours are any better...


2007-11-16 20:39:10

I didn't know you could get banned for that. Well, enjoy your ban.

Also nice shiny whistle :O

LadyX responds:

i didn't know it either... until then ^^

also: thanks! :) hope to get it to deity some day...


2007-12-08 22:01:07

2 days...
wow... you were lucky... I got 14 days in my first ban

LadyX responds:

14 days?! what did you do?


2008-01-03 05:10:50

rules are not always right this is stupid

LadyX responds:

well... yes it is. but the phrase was posted in nearly every topic back then... so i guess the ban was right ;) .


2008-02-10 13:13:57

Grab MY cock.

LadyX responds:

i don't think your cock reaches all the way from bulgaria to here ;) .


2008-03-23 12:44:18

hey... I just notice we started or gold account the same day!!!

LadyX responds:

heh, that's really nice indeed :)

but my level is higher than yours! :P


2008-03-27 16:19:18

Now. i've heard the moderators are total asses.
But I never even use the BBS, hahaha...ahhhhh...

LadyX responds:

i'm not active on the bbs anymore, too. just lost interest in it.


2008-05-01 12:00:56

what people aren't allowed to grab a hold of other's pet Roosters anynore? How Shameful.....

LadyX responds:

yeah. what has this world come to... *shakes head in frustration*


2008-05-06 05:28:31

XD... yep.. your lvl is higher than mine... I have lost like 30 days... :'(

LadyX responds:

ah, that's lousy. but don't worry, on my main account i've lost a few YEARS of depositing... ;)


2008-06-09 03:53:14

wow they banned u 4 that?

I rememba I was banned cuz they supposedly sed I commented a flash that I didnt comment...or sum shyt like that iono it was a few yrs ago lmao

well jus showin sum luv

welcome bak :D

LadyX responds:

wow, couldn't hardly make out what you where trying to say there...


2008-07-29 13:41:52

Actually , some people may actually find that offensive...

LadyX responds:

some people are also offended by harmless words like "fuck" or "shit". i think some people shouldn't be so narrow-minded.


2008-08-17 00:59:55

Whenever I get banned, I like to play THIS game! QUICKLY! Name three things found underneath your bed! Okay, a crowbar, Jimmy Hoffa's corpse, and a team of goblins mining their way thru the floorboards in search of Chips Ahoy (They'll find none! Hahahaaaa!) Your turn!

LadyX responds:

oh... uh... yeah!


2008-11-12 08:12:40

You don't post much but I see you on NG a lot. I don't understand that.

LadyX responds:

Me neither. I stopped posting with this account some time ago and only log in to deposit. ;)


2009-01-04 11:46:27

Lolz b&

LadyX responds:

I lol'd too.


2009-07-03 12:16:11

2 days lucky my first ban was for 10 days

LadyX responds:

Good thing: I haven't been banned since.
Bad thing: I stopped posting with this account. -.-


2010-05-28 04:04:46

I think its funny

LadyX responds:

me too


2010-11-21 07:51:25

lol the best part is, "is this funny to you?"

yeah, actually, it is


LadyX responds:

glad you see it that way ^^


2010-12-09 01:22:24

lmao she is demodded.

LadyX responds:

About time. She hasn't been very active for some time now.


2011-02-12 10:49:06

Lmfao, what a bitch.

LadyX responds:



2011-08-15 11:55:48


Your "grab his cock" ban story reminds me of a funny youtube vid I just saw a few weeks ago... OHB-SUR-UV:

(comedy skit parody of what must go on at Cosmopolitan Magazine writer meetings)

LadyX responds: